Unipack's warehouse has 4000 square meters of storage space and is specially equipped, following strict international criteria, to store your goods, whether for a short or a long time. Our warehouse complies with the highest quality and security standards, so you can be sure that your goods are well taken care of. We have 24-hour security systems, alarms, and fire-prevention systems. Additionally, specific insurance policies for storage can be taken through us; please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on conditions and premiums.

Also, our warehouses are strategically located within the city, with quick access to Santiago's main residential areas, as well as ports and airports.

Unipack, the professional and reliable team!


Unipack uses cutting-edge technology for the management of your shipment. Our integrated systems allow for flawless communications and information management, so we’re always up-to-date and on-time.

Unipack utilizes software specifically designed for the moving industry and its needs, so no detail is left unattended.

Our fleet is equipped with GPS systems that allow us to track your shipment while in transit to and from our warehouse.


Unipack has its own fleet of vehicles, which is constantly renewed, and it includes:

  • Trucks for container transport.
  • Forklift vehicles of diverse types: vehicles with simple hoists for loading and unloading of containers, and heavy vehicles for moving containers.
  • Small vans.
  • Delivery vans.
  • Vans for personnel transport.
  • Cranes.


Our staff has been specifically trained following international organizations' standards and guidelines, such as LACMA’s (Latin American and Caribbean International Movers Association), and use at all times strict packing and handling techniques. They have attended training seminars at LACMA Packers in Lima and Buenos Aires. Our executives have also attended training sessions at the FIDI Academy, both in Brussels and Buenos Aires. We are always ahead with the latest procedures, techniques and materials, which is why we constantly organize training sessions specifically designed for our industry.

Moreover, Unipack promotes its staff's constant education, encouraging and providing the necessary means to improve our personnel's skills. We offer courses through our Training Supervisor and through the best local and international training institutes.

Our main offices are located in Santiago and we have offices in Valparaiso, San Antonio, Los Andes and at the Santiago Airport.

Additionally, our staff is fluent in Spanish, German and French.