Unipack's commitment to customer satisfaction prevents it from relying on inexperienced or poorly qualified partners overseas. Hence, Unipack only works with members of select international organizations, which demand from its members and affiliates not just a first rate service, but establish a series of standards they must comply with, regarding financial stability, working environment, staff's training, compliance with the law, respect for the environment, just to mention a few.

Unipack's full compliance with these standards and its constant efforts to improve an already outstanding service, allows it to be a part of the following international organizations and associations:


International Federation of International Movers

Only international companies with the highest quality levels, not just in the service they provide, but in every possible aspect from internal procedures to packing materials, can be members of this Belgium-based federation. Moreover, FIDI members must undergo an external audit performed by Ernst & Young - Belgium, which enables them to acquire the prestigious FAIM accreditation, similar to an ISO quality certification, but specially designed for the international moving business.

Unipack is a FIDI - FAIM accredited member, having obtained one of the highest evaluations amongst regional companies, which allowed us to be certified for 4 years after every evaluation, instead of for just 2 years as is the industry standard.

Currently, our CEO, Luis Silva, is a member of FIDI’s Board Nomination Committee.


Overseas Moving Network International

International Network based in England to which only a very select group of moving companies belong to.  Omni is a network that uses the latest communication technologies and member interaction resources, which makes it the leading network in the international moving business.


Latin American and Caribbean International Movers Association 

This is an international association that permanently challenges its members by setting the highest quality standards, and demanding ongoing training for their staff in the latest packing and household goods handling techniques.

Our CEO, Luis Silva, is a recent past-president of LACMA and has been a member of its board for the last 8 years.


International Association of Movers

Just like the organizations mentioned above, this association demands the highest quality standards, and guarantees its associates' professionalism and reliability. Unipack has been a member of this association since 1993, and always participates in its annual conventions held in the USA.

Unipack, the professional and reliable team!